From The Shell

Turtlehut's President Jim Mitte on the Small Business Weekly Podcast

Looking for some expert marketing insights delivered straight to your ears? Check out the latest episode of the Small Business Weekly Podcast, featuring Turtlehut’s very own Jim Mitte! Hosted by Michael Rogers of the Small Business Association of Michigan, Jim discussed various issues important to internet marketing success including privacy and audio/visual content.

Listen to the episode yourself at the SBAM website.

Press Release: Turtlehut Internet Marketing Introduces The Fastest Program For Your Internet Marketing

BRIGHTON, Michigan, April 9th, 2018 -- Turtlehut Internet Marketing is gaining speed, online and on the road. By launching their new “Fastest Program”, Turtlehut’s marketing experts are growing businesses faster, delivering leads in as fast as five days. As rapid as their marketing is, to celebrate, they can be seen driving around town in their new, Turtlehut wrapped Corvette.

March Marketing Madness 2018

This year's March Madness has us on the edge of our seats! Watching the Sweet 16 emerge got us thinking about the competition in our own industry, so we've chosen 16 ecommerce sites to compete in the first ever March Marketing Madness! While making our picks as a team wasn't easy, our decisions are in, and the winner is...

Amazon! When it comes to site function, product selection, and delivery options, we think Amazon has the rest beat this year.

We've Renovated!

Check out our remodeled office! Turtlehut underwent a big renovation to our second floor creating the perfect environment for creativity and collaboration to flourish. Plans are in the works to start renovating the first floor.

RIP Google PageRank

Google announced they are killing on page rank, which was implemented over 15 years ago when search engines were devising ways to determine the relevancy of a page. The Google PageRank was a quality metric which allowed a user to see how important, reliable, and authoritative any given website page was. The problem was that a PageRank score could be manipulated in a way to show a page ranking high in quality when it was anything but. A PageRank score would increase depending on the number of sites which would link to yours; this could be paid for and manipulated.

Amazon Increases Free Shipping Minimum by $14

Amazon recently increased their minimum threshold of free shipping from $35 up to $49. There are many theories as to why Amazon decided now was a good time to increase the minimum by 40%, but some theories include Amazon’s desire to push more customers to check out their Prime option (which also increased from $79 to $99/year) while others say this opens up the door for them to continue building their own shipping service.

Google’s Layout Change

Have you noticed the ad change on Google? Recently Googled nixed their right column ads in favor of a maximum of 4 horizontal ads above the organic searches, then 3 at the bottom. Click-through-rates are expected to increase and the cost-per-click might be a little more expensive now that there are fewer ads on the page – if there are four top ads for your search, they will most likely take up the screen meaning you’ll have to scroll down for organic results. Before this rollout, there were a minimum of 11 ads.