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"Sherman, set the WABAC machine to 1999…"

Picture it, 1999, a World Wide Web with approximately 1.5 million websites. In 1999, Turtlehut was in its infancy, just starting out in the Internet marketing field. It may not seem like very long ago, but in Internet years, it’s a long time!

For instance, another little website sharing the playpen with Turtlehut was none other than Google. It puts things into perspective when you realize that at that time, Google was really just starting to show promise by taking those first tentative steps out of a garage and into a real location, just like other one-year-olds meeting common milestones!


Back to the Future … of Internet Marketing

The Internet, Google, and Turtlehut have all come a long way. Fast forward to 2020, there are over 255 million websites, Google is the most widely used web search engine, and Turtlehut has grown into a force to be reckoned with.

Turtlehut has used the last 21 years to grow with the Internet and learn from it. Coming of age with many influential Internet programs enabled Turtlehut to develop a strong understanding of Internet marketing. Turtlehut’s expertise and experience in these specialized skills makes us the leaders in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Advertising, Web Design and Development, Website Usability Consulting, e-Commerce Solutions, and Email Marketing Solutions (retention).


Our Approach to Internet Marketing

Turtlehut’s approach to Internet marketing is based on two major factors: individuality and evolution.


Turtlehut sees each client as an individual. No two projects are the same, therefore our approach to Internet marketing has to be completely customized based on each client’s needs and goals. Turtlehut’s team of professionals focus on growing our clients’ businesses; each project is a new opportunity for us to improve client results.


Nothing that is successful can be stagnant. The Internet is constantly evolving and changing, and so are our marketing plans. Through research and education, our team keeps abreast with trends and changes in both technology and marketing. In addition, we closely monitor, observe, and evaluate each marketing initiative we launch to ensure that we are always producing the best results for our clients.


The Turtlehut Team – Ninjas of Internet Marketing

Turtlehut is spearheaded by founder, Jim Mitte, who, with a business degree focused on Marketing/Advertising, brings a background rich in multiple aspects of marketing to the team. The rest of the Turtlehut family is composed of talented professionals with the specialized skills needed to provide the most effective strategies and products for internet marketing.

It is the specialized skills that each of our members embody that makes Turtlehut the ninjas of Internet marketing. Our team consists of designers, developers, writers, artists, SEO specialists, marketing and advertising specialists, and project managers all working together to get you the results you want.

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