Website Design

At Turtlehut, we know that first impressions matter. The look and usability of your website is one of the most important factors when driving more traffic and leads to your business. With the diverse range of devices used to access the Internet, it is extremely important to take into account the structure of your website across the different platforms. To provide the best possible experience for each type of device, we utilize responsive design in our website design.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Responsive design uses technology that allows your website and offerings to render perfectly on your computer, phone, or tablet. When potential customers are using your website, it's important for them to be able to access everything effortlessly with a layout that is both appealing and straightforward. Our developers at Turtlehut use a few different techniques to make it easy on your customers including:

  • One Domain - there is only one website, so there are no redirect complications, organic search traffic isn’t compromised, and no additional website management is needed.

  • Ready for Next Generation - responsive design capable of working with new technology as it evolves, so you don’t have to constantly update your website, giving you a greater Return On Investment (ROI).

Mobile Design

We create websites based on your goals, including mobile designs as well as responsive design. Typically, responsive design is the superior choice, but may not always be right or appropriate for all applications. We will work with you to determine the best course of action for your website.

Google Algorithm

In April 2015, Google made a major change to their search algorithm and how it ranks websites in search results on mobile devices. The idea behind the change is that websites that deliver a small screen design provide a better user experience on mobile devices over those that don’t. Because the algorithm update will negatively affect search results for non mobile websites, it is highly recommended to make the changes necessary to meet the new standards as soon as possible.

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