Turtlehut has created a comprehensive approach to grow franchise groups by placing focus onto all of a company's revenue generating channels. We will take the time to understand your business so that the best Internet marketing mix is used to achieve maximum results for your company. Beyond focusing on the business growth aspects of our marketing plan, we understand the complexities of having multiple business owners with differing opinions. We have created systems that provide flexibility to keep franchises happy, while ensuring corporate maintains control over brand messaging.

Franchise structures create some challenges that we are well-equipped and experienced to handle. They say rising tides raise all ships, and this is an important aspect to how we approach franchise groups and the ways we help them generate leads and sales. Turtlehut has developed a comprehensive marketing approach to grow these groups by focusing on all company revenue generating channels. We understand that individual franchisees within a group need to be healthy because their health helps the parent company grow through royalties. However, for a parent organization this is only a portion of the equation; new franchise development also plays a significant role in growth and stability.

Website Development

Our approach to franchise online marketing includes:


Building a variety of online properties


Targeting different business goals


Corporate website, franchise sites, and franchise development sites

The Breakdown

We take a focused approach at growth for every level of the franchise.


Corporate Website: We approach corporate websites by presenting the company as the definitive expert in their areas of service. In doing so, we are able to generate considerable traffic and lead visitors through the appropriate channels. The first step is to compel the customer to contact the company. Following that, we will then lead the customer to a local franchise with the idea to call for service.


Franchise Development Website: The focus of a franchise development website is to target people looking to open a franchise. We share the story of why someone would want to open a franchise with the company and use a compelling call to action to capture leads. In addition, we can use online advertising targeting specific goal locations and added landing pages discussing those goal territories.


Franchise Websites: For each franchisee, we develop a basic website to give a professional online presence. We have also developed premium packages designed to create an online marketing plan that works to drive significant growth for the individual franchise. Working with our team allows franchise groups to open individualized marketing plans for their franchises while also maintaining control of their messaging and branding.

Online Advertising

Our online advertising solutions for franchise groups include a wide mix of targets and approaches.


Keyword Search: Using Keyword based search we create campaigns designed to get your company’s services in front of the target consumer at the critical point within the buying process.


Remarketing: Unfortunately not everyone who visits a website is ready to buy at that moment, which is why it is important to continue targeting. Using remarketing ads we can present ads for your company and its services to previous visitors of your website as their internet travels continue - this way they think of you when ready to buy.


Social Media Advertising: Social media provides excellent opportunities to create brand and service awareness targeted toward the people who meet the key demographics of your business.


The tracking approach we use allows us to fine tune your marketing campaign.

Tracking is key to understanding results and using data to drive continual improvements. We use a comprehensive package of tracking software that allows us to monitor visitor behavior, track conversions, and tie this information to lead sources. Through this, we capture both lead forms and call information so that all customer interactions through online marketing efforts are accounted for. We believe the marketing effort is only half of the equation and that measuring results provides a path to future marketing considerations. In order to maintain transparency, we report results to all of our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about our online franchise marketing efforts and how they could benefit your franchise, please give us a call at (810) 360-0180.


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