Client Success Manager Job Description

Are you a marketer in search of a new market? Do you need an escape from the cube farm? Would you be interested in a job that lets you help companies expand their businesses while also encouraging you to fiercely debate which Star Trek series is the best (yes, where you fall in this debate matters)? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then we’ve got the job for you! But wait, there’s more - at Turtlehut Internet Marketing, we admire your dedication, passion, and drive and believe you could be a great fit as a marketer for our company. As a marketer, your role would include online advertising management, account management, reporting, and to be generally awesome (don’t worry, if you are more than generally awesome, you will still be considered). Your job duties will vary from day to day and may include:

  • Advertising management
  • Customer meetings & interaction (Don’t worry, we try to only pick the fun clients)
  • Generalized geek chat (all fandoms welcome)
  • Basic website work
  • A minor understanding of HTML language (training will be provided, so bring your sneakers...just kidding, we don’t run)
  • Reporting
  • Daily use of Drupal and Magento interfaces (training will be provided...see above sneaker joke)
  • Social Media Management

Ready for the most serious sentence in this job posting? You need to be able to excel at a wide variety of tasks while understanding and creating assets that reflect positively on a wide variety of clients. Attention to detail is a must.


  • Salary is negotiable based on experience.
  • Company sponsored group health insurance (so you don’t die).
  • Company sponsored retirement plan (so you don’t have to work until you die).
  • Paid vacation & holidays (allowing you to visit a real farm before you die).


Turtlehut Internet Marketing is a premier marketing firm located in Brighton Michigan (adjusts monocle). We have been working with clients to increase their web presence and to generate results since Y2K was still relevant. We are dedicated to creating a friendly work environment that promotes effective group collaboration while also allowing you to utilize the tools and process that you need to be successful. Our day to day operation includes: generating results for our clients, creating content, quoting random 90s sitcoms, advertising, and of course, marketing. Interested in joining our team? You don’t have to be a turtle to work here, but if are, that’s cool! Please send a resume, your favorite restaurant, and why (we just want you to do this so we know you pay attention, we’re so sneaky). *Only local applicants that are able to work in our Brighton, MI offices will be responded to.

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