Thanksgiving Would You Rather Results

It's Thanksgiving and at Turtlehut we have a lot to be thankful for - a great team, fantastic clients, and a day full of delicious food! In honor of the holiday, we pitted some of our favorite, and not-so-favorite, foods against one another in a Thanksgiving Would You Rather. Though it was tough, decisions were made:

Turtlehut Team Results From The Easy(ish) Would You Rather:

  • 78% of us preferred russet mashed potatoes to sweet potatoes
  • 56% chose white meat over dark meat
  • 78% voted for rolls over biscuits
  • Oven baked beat deep fried turkey with 78% of the votes
  • 78% of us turtles would rather have apple pie than pumpkin pie
  • And 89% of us like green bean casserole over corn pudding

Turtlehut Team Results From The Tough Would Your Rather:

  • With 89% of the votes, the majority of us would rather sit at the kid's table vs. the adult's table
  • 78% would rather drink sweet potato casserole ale than turkey and gravy soda
  • Between Jello salad or brussel sprouts, 67% of us chose Jello salad
  • While 89% of us prefer turkey loaf to Turkey-In-A-Can
  • A close call, canned cranberries barely defeated fresh cranberries with 56% of the vote
  • And finally, Turducken defeated Tofurky with 77.8% of our votes

At Turtlehut, we know first hand how difficult is deciding between Thanksgiving favorites, but we also know your internet marketing doesn't have to be. You don't have to play "would you rather" with your advertising solutions. We utilize all facets of internet marketing to successfully grow your business. Contact us today!