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Several years ago, Turtlehut began its relationship with a local law firm. At the start, this client wanted to establish a professional online presence with a quality website design, but wasn’t too focused on implementing in-depth SEO strategies.

Fast forward a few years later, this client took advantage of additional services that included online advertising. Their website began to grow exponentially and they were receiving quality leads for cheaper than clicks. To put things into perspective, here are some quick metrics:


Our Marketing Strategy

This client is unique that they have multiple inventory sources as well as multiple sales channels. With these factors in mind, we knew we needed to devise a unique, carefully-planned roadmap to success.


By making smart, strategic decisions, this client was able to convert at a rate of 12%-- that’s six times the industry average.


Over the course of just one year, this client received over 180 leads.

cost savings

By working with Turtlehut, this client is bringing in leads at just 1/5 of the industry average cost.


This client is now raking in well over 1,000 legitimate, quality leads per year. At Turtlehut, we don’t take for granted the importance of growing with our clients. Over the course of ten years, we developed a long-term relationship with this client and took the time to grow with him at the pace he was ready. We have helped several clients in the professional services industry from lawyers and doctors to financial advisors.

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