Online Advertising Automation

Keeping advertisements up-to-date with large-scale product information can be time-consuming. Turtlehut created online advertising automation as a strategic tool for businesses that have an extensive product portfolio. This allows advertising to stay updated with changing product information so new inventory, out of stocks, and other information such as pricing are all current. By utilizing our tool and marketing expertise, our team ensures increased performance and sales for your unique business.

We created a custom advertising automation system that allows our team to effectively manage product ads on a much larger scale. To ensure our clients are receiving the best possible return on their investment (ROI), this platform continually updates ever-changing product information. In return, our team consistently measures ad performance and provides optimization recommendations. This not only helps produce immaculate results but also offers advantages including:  

  • Time Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Information Accuracy 
  • Advertising Quality
  • Constant Optimization 
  • And More 


From large-scale text ad automation to shopping and dynamic remarketing ads, our advertising automation platform helps our team produce incredible performance results for your business. For more information about our online advertising automation strategy, contact our Turtlehut team today!