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We've Renovated!

Check out our remodeled office! Turtlehut underwent a big renovation to our second floor creating the perfect environment for creativity and collaboration to flourish. Plans are in the works to start renovating the first floor.

RIP Google PageRank

Google announced they are killing on page rank, which was implemented over 15 years ago when search engines were devising ways to determine the relevancy of a page. The Google PageRank was a quality metric which allowed a user to see how important, reliable, and authoritative any given website page was. The problem was that a PageRank score could be manipulated in a way to show a page ranking high in quality when it was anything but. A PageRank score would increase depending on the number of sites which would link to yours; this could be paid for and manipulated.

Amazon Increases Free Shipping Minimum by $14

Amazon recently increased their minimum threshold of free shipping from $35 up to $49. There are many theories as to why Amazon decided now was a good time to increase the minimum by 40%, but some theories include Amazon’s desire to push more customers to check out their Prime option (which also increased from $79 to $99/year) while others say this opens up the door for them to continue building their own shipping service.

Google’s Layout Change

Have you noticed the ad change on Google? Recently Googled nixed their right column ads in favor of a maximum of 4 horizontal ads above the organic searches, then 3 at the bottom. Click-through-rates are expected to increase and the cost-per-click might be a little more expensive now that there are fewer ads on the page – if there are four top ads for your search, they will most likely take up the screen meaning you’ll have to scroll down for organic results. Before this rollout, there were a minimum of 11 ads.

Facebook Adds More Engagement Features

Have you noticed a few more options on Facebook lately? No longer will you feel strange about “liking” something to show your support. Who likes “liking” sad news? Facebook has implemented a series of 6 responses you can use to share your feelings about a post. The like button is still there but now you can also love a post with a heart icon or pick from 4 different faces: laughter, surprise, sadness, and anger.

SSL May Impact Search Results

Google has recently made a change to their algorithm for rankings which will benefit those with HTTPS sites.

HTTPS means that all content is sent via secure channels and having this added layer of security is now playing a factor on how companies are being ranked on the search engine. Securing a SSL certificate means you’re going out of your way to prove you have a safe site which is very attractive for Google.

VITEC Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of a new website for VITEC. VITEC has been a leader in call center and contact center recording since 1989. They provide a wide range of solutions to contact centers, including software for recording, interactive voice response, and workforce optimization. However big or small, the call center VITEC has the contact center solution you need. Visit their new site at to learn more about all their services.

Healthmaster Website Launch

Turtlehut is excited to announce the launch of a new website for Healthmaster. Healthmaster is the premier integrated solution for school nurse record keeping. Healthmaster provides web-based software applications to help monitor and manage school electronic medical records, special education casework, mental and behavioral health casework, and Medicaid billing. Visit the new Healthmaster website at today to learn more.

Macomb Mechanical Website Launch

Turtlehut is happy to announce the launch of a new website for Macomb Mechanical. Macomb Mechanical has been providing Southeastern Michigan with a complete range of mechanical contractor services, including plumbing, pipe fitting, and HVAC services since 1970. The have the training, skills, and experience to provide both residential and commercial clients with the highest quality of service. Visit the new Macomb Mechanical website at