Franchise Online Marketing

Turtlehut has developed a comprehensive approach to help franchise groups thrive by focusing on all company revenue-generating channels. On the corporate side, we build websites designed to generate leads for the company’s primary focus and to brand new franchises. For franchises, we develop a tier approach in which we build a free basic website for each franchisee and offer them premium services beyond the basic site. We use our expertise in design, development, search engine optimization to create websites that can successfully be used as hubs for our marketing and advertising efforts. Since working with Turtlehut, one of our franchise groups has seen a 77% year-over-year increase in leads.

Website Development

Corporate Website:

Our goal for corporate websites is to present the company in question as the definitive expert on their services. In doing so, we are able to generate considerable traffic and then direct the user through the appropriate steps in order to convert them into a client or customer. The first and most important action we want the user to take is contacting the company. By compelling a potential client or customer to reach out directly to the company, we put them in the hands of the corporate call center employees, who are trained to convert leads. The second step in the users’ path is to find a local franchise using a location finder, again with the idea to call for service. The third, used in cases where a customer is outside of the service area, is to direct them to the franchise development site.

Franchise Development Website:

The franchise development website is provided to persuade those website users who are outside of the company’s current service area or seeking a new business venture to open their own franchise. We present a story that depicts why someone would want to open a franchise with the company and add a compelling call to action for those who visit this site to do so themselves. In addition, we can add landing pages discussing specific goal locations that the company would like to reach and implement online advertising to target those territories.

Individual Franchisee Websites:

We develop basic websites for all franchisees within the organization that include a homepage, unique franchise information, and a contact form to generate business. Our premium services included additional targeting, advertising, lead tracking, reporting, and regular development of new features. All content is developed as a mix of pre established corporate message and customized content cultivated by our team and the franchisee and approved by the corporate office in order to maintain the consistent message and image that the franchise group has worked so hard to create.

Online Marketing

Our online marketing activities included a vast amalgamation of targets and advertising approaches. First, we create campaigns designed to target people looking for services rendered by the franchise group. This is done at both the corporate and franchise level. Second, once a user has viewed one of our domains, we follow them through their browsing activity showing ads on display networks through remarketing campaigns. For franchise development, we focus on both generic and targeted phrases related to opening a franchise to reach potential franchisees. Additionally, we focus on specific target locations that the corporate office hopes bring into the company service area with a wider spread of keywords and greater ad bids. Again, we set up remarketing campaigns that display our ads throughout prior users’ online activities, but due to the longer “sales” cycle in the area of franchise development, we extend the period of time for these campaigns. Finally, we create display network awareness campaigns that build the presence of the company in the public eye and generate new business at very low costs. We also offer ancillary marketing services such as social media management and marketing and email marketing including monthly or quarterly newsletters to current and potential clients.


Tracking is key to understanding marketing results. We use a variety of data sources and media to track, analyze, and understand results in order to make informed marketing decisions. We track website users and collect data through Google Analytics to gain an understanding of user behavior and customer interest. Further, we use call tracking software that tells us which campaigns generate phone calls, so we can calculate cost per lead and adjust ad and campaign bids and budgets accordingly. Finally, we use lead forms, which tie into and report analytics and our advertising platforms, to further understand the consumer and their behavior. All of these components of tracking lead to a better understanding of the potential customer base and help us to generate more leads and more revenue for the franchise group.

If you are interested in learning more about our online franchise marketing services and how they could benefit your franchise, please call us at (810) 360-0180.