E-commerce is a hypercompetitive market. Your marketing efforts can easily be the deciding factor between sinking or swimming. Our work with an e-commerce client specializing in water treatment products is a perfect example of this.

When we first met with this client, they were struggling to achieve better sales. Despite their marketing efforts, they were only seeing about two orders a day through their online store. After analyzing their situation, we found that an inconsistent marketing presence along with unorganized data was hindering their performance significantly. With a read on their unique situation, challenges, and goals, we got to work implementing a strategy for success. With a new website and expert online marketing, we were able to increase sales and revenue by 25-fold.

Our Marketing Strategy

This client is unique that they have multiple inventory sources as well as multiple sales channels. With these factors in mind, we knew we needed to devise a unique, carefully-planned roadmap to success.

Integrating data across the supplier, website, and sellers.

Building a website that was optimized for high-ranking search results and user engagement.

Running a comprehensive online marketing campaign to engage potential customers and draw them to the site.

Since working with this client, we’ve been able to increase their revenue by a grand total of $4 million. In fact, our work with this client was so successful that we have since launched several websites for more specific, niche products in their range. As a result, the client has enjoyed even more growth and better sales numbers.

To this day, we continue to work with this client and strive to improve our ROI even further. One of our core values is strive to be better - we know our best work is always ahead of us! Want to learn more about how we did it? Call or contact us today. 


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