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Turnover is inevitable for any business, but how can you turn it into a strategic advantage? Turtlehut first invented Turnover Marketing to reference when an employee leaves their company and takes their Rolodex of contacts and vendors with them. Due to this “turnover”, their replacement may not know who to call or hire for a specific task and turn to the internet for solutions to their needs. Since then, this innovative strategy has evolved to now include: 

  • Employee Turnover
  • Customer Churn
  • Competition Turnover 


By strategically utilizing these three aspects to your advantage, our team of marketing experts will help unlock massive growth opportunities for your unique business. 

Employee Turnover

The operational flow of any business is subject to change. Employees often retire or leave their position, leading to new staff adapting to the functionalities of a business. Oftentimes, these businesses may not utilize a Client Resource Management System (CRM) to document interactions with previous vendors, contractors, and other resources. In return, new employees utilize online resources to find new services, such as your own, to fulfill their needs. With Turnover Marketing, our team will ensure your products and services are in front of new customers when they are ready to make a purchase. 

Customer Churn

When it comes to maintaining a successful business, the most valuable customers are the ones you already have. However, customer churn is inevitable as customers come and go due to their ever-changing needs. It is important to know how to effectively reach new customers in order to maintain growth. At Turtlehut, our strategy will help your business continue to grow and remain prominent in front of those who may be in need of your specific products and services. 

Competition Turnover 

Just like your own business, your competition experiences turnover as well. Our marketing experts will help position your unique business to take advantage of their loss. With our marketing strategy, we will help you break into the industry and become a prominent market leader.

Turtlehut created Turnover Marketing to help businesses thrive when the inevitable employee, customer, or competition turnover occurs. For more information about our innovative marketing strategy, contact our experts today!


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