More Leads at Less Cost: A Turtlehut Case Study

In 2017, Turtlehut began consulting with a new client in the home improvement industry who was unsatisfied with their existing marketing. The client was advertising with a national directory company, but was seeing poor results in spite of a considerable budget. Our team analyzed their results and came up with a well-structured, intelligent approach to help them rake in high-quality leads, all while using less than HALF of their existing budget. 

Before working with Turtlehut, this client's largest portion of ad spend was on a service the client didn't even offer. They were unaware that their 80 "leads" per month were mostly illegitimate. Our analysis revealed that only two of the leads were valuable, which calculated to $4,150 per lead. Out of the very few leads they were receiving, hardly any of them were making their way through the entire sales process. 

With Turtlehut


Turtlehut generated leads for $32 per lead - 68% better than their target cost per lead. Overall, this client received 60x the amount of leads after working with Turtlehut.


With typically very large sales, the client earns an average of thousands in profits for each project, so $32 per lead offered them an amazing return-on-investment.

123 leads in the first 30 days alone. Over 80 of these leads advanced through the sales process, indicating that they were high-quality leads.


At Turtlehut, we take pride in studying the market and putting forth our best marketing efforts to deliver exceptional results for each of our clients. While we’re proud of our existing success with this client, we’re eager to deliver even greater results moving forward.

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